Softness : Artefacts

Softness as described as a subtle effect or contrast / a lack of sharp definition / a lack of force / or the quality of being mild, gentle, or tender;
The exhibition showed a materialised relationship of  human interactions and responsive spaces. Realised as artefacts were they open questions of how we can shape soft body knowledge inside the spaces we live in?

Exhibition in collaboration with Joseph Redpath and great support of pool Architekten at Loop project space, Weststrasse 118, Zürich from 21st of May 2021 until 16th of July 2021.
Photos: Alexander Schlosser


Artefact 2

Casted plaster on wool textile placed in the corner of the room. Reminiscences of the past merge with structureless cloth material on the wall.
Size: 2.10 m x 1.40 m


Artefact 1

Woven cloth is hung on a steel bar curtain-like from the wall. A certain stiffness and stand occur.
Size: 1.40 m x 1.90 m


Artefact 3

Plaster sculpture that shows the cloth structure from the casting process with folds and rememberings. It is flattened to the wall and painted white.
Size: 1.70 m x 1.40 m


© Marie Schumann